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    Concept design
    Experience The Walden Sukhumvit 39, a unique luxury low rise project that focuses on privacy
    that is enveloped by nature. A one of a kind property that seamlessly merge luxury, privacy and
    nature into one enticing package.
    From the wood details in every room to the private garden for our loft units, it is our intention to
    deliver a project that is the real essence of the concept of peace amongst the chaotic cityscape.

    The Walden platform has always been about privacy, intimacy and charm that is the core of
    living in a low rise project and we aim to continue that commitment at the Walden Sukhumvit 39
    and true to tradition, create a project that is small, exclusive and graceful.

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    Why Walden Sukhumvit39 ?

    Tags: Bangkok / Condominium